A few years ago it was a beat up old truck sitting in a field in Colorado.  I thought  . . . “some things in life are too important to let them rust away!“ An ice cream truck is definitely one of them. “What memories of hearing the music coming down the street, what joy in a frozen fudgsicle and just what if I could bring this one back to life!” Little did I know what it would take, but hey if we really thought about it we probably would never do it.  Creativity, ingenuity, perseverance, a new engine, patch all the rust, three colors of paint and lots of TLC and now its running like a champ!


Rusting in the field in Colorado

Brought back to life!


With my move to Santa Fe in 2012 and opening an art gallery and studio, I longed for creative interaction and collaboration, but found more individuality and isolation.  I saw this as a great opportunity to bring more art accessibility and participation to Santa Fe and expand creativity into the “art of life!”.  How will I do that I asked my self and the idea quickly popped into my head to “take the magnets that I have on my fridge and make them into giant poetry magnets” and bring a smile to people. It’s words, it’s ideas  . . . It’s now a sweet reality . . . it’s poetry in motion!

The launch in June of 2013 has been amazing! The pictures speak for themselves. Driving down the road, parking near the plaza people wave, take pictures, rearrange the words, smile, have fun, feel like they are part of something vibrant and alive. I am amazed how the words are constantly changing. I snap pictures and they get immediately posted to Facebook and to the blog HERE.

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